KBIS 2019 Review

February 28, 2019 2 min read

We just returned from the 2019 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show and it was fantastic! We had a chance to see the latest trends coming out this Spring in bathroom furnishings and you won't be disappointed.

There were a few things we noticed. First, while the trend of whites, grays and browns are still alive and well in vanities, we're starting to see a return to more traditional colors, though in an classically understated way. For instance many manufacturers are adding midnight blue offerings this Spring. Acrylic trough sinks have been around for a while but they are now becoming more prominent as a modern style. We're also seeing more technology get incorporated into vanities with electrical outlets and USB ports appearing inside the cabinets.

Speaking of technology, smart systems are now really coming into their own. If we were redoing a shower right now (maybe soon!) we would absolutely install a smart system that offers temperature control, time duration, jet selection, and pressure control through a panel, app, or even Alexa! The integrated designs are sleek and gorgeous as they really create a luxurious look for any shower space.

Even toilets have gotten a whole lot smarter with combined toilet/bidet systems or add-on bidet systems that simply replace and attach to the point where the sink and lid would attach. Touch panels and voice controls enable a wide variety of temperature and jet selections. The best part is that they are now easy to install with tankless heaters that only require a nearby electrical outlet and a quick hookup to the existing plumbing.

We'll be bringing these products online as they are released this spring. We also searched high and low to not only find the latest and greatest, but also to find suppliers that manufacture in the Americas. The industry is still heavily reliant on imports from China, but we found that the coolest new stuff is now being made in the USA.

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