Ariel Platinum Bathtubs

Ariel Platinum Bathtubs Whirlpool jets, corner sizes, and free standing options, our Ariel Platinum bathtubs are a great addition to any bathroom. They are the epitome of luxury.

As one of the leading names on the scene of luxury bathroom designs, Ariel continues to innovate and excite with new creations. With their Ariel Platinum bathtubs, experience a world of luxury with every use. Made to display the stunning beauty of design they are known for coupled with the best in performance regarding whirlpool features, these Ariel Platinum bathtubs are a luxurious addition to any home of fine taste.

We are pleased to offer a distinct selection of Ariel Platinum bathtubs to help you transform this important living space into the lap of luxury and grace. We offer a range of styles to help you find the right one for your décor or theme. When looking for a unit perfect for a corner space, we offer Ariel Platinum bathtubs to fit this special need. Made with your choice of all white or white and glass for a modern touch, these bathtubs offer sleek style, spacious interiors, back and neck supports, and whirlpool capabilities for a tub sure to please for years to come. When looking for a rectangular shape to accommodate your space, find it here with their signature glass side tubs for a modern look that is anything but ordinary. For an option with more rounded lines, check out the standalone style tub for a vintage feel. Regardless of which style is right for you, rest assured every option was manufactured with the highest standards of quality and performance at its core. For example, the whirlpool jets offer a multitude of different modes and intensity options, so you get a custom relaxation solution at the end of a long day. Made with up to 15 jets for maximum tension relief, these whirlpool tubs also offer other state of the art features such as LCD touchscreen radio, special lighting to help set the mood, and heat pump to ensure the right temperature. Add one of these luxury bathtubs to your home today and experience the height of indulgence every day!

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