Fresca Faucets

Fresca FaucetsAdd the finishing touch to your kitchen or bathroom renovation with our selection of Fresca faucets. We offer a variety of finishes.

We all want that stunning bathroom or kitchen that is the envy of all our guests. And while you may have the bigger fixtures already selected, to really give it that wow factor, check out our selection of Fresca faucets. They come in a variety of finishes and styles to offer that final finishing touch that will take your renovation to the next level. Shop now to find the perfect fit for your needs!

Any home renovation deserves to have only the best products used. That’s what we offer with our selection of Fresca faucets. Fresca is a brand well-known in the industry for providing elegant, high-quality materials that last for years. Bathrooms generally get a lot of use, and it’s important that they not only look stunning but can handle the tasks they are given. Any of our Fresca faucets are perfect for that job. Each one is made from durable materials specifically made for longevity and watertight functionality. We offer a variety of sizes that way you can find the perfect fit for your sink. If you have a raised sink, you want to ensure you install a taller faucet, that way guests are not struggling to wash their hands. As for the style, depending on what you envision for your bathroom, we have the standard single hole faucets that the water comes out the bottom spout or we have the single hole style that has the water flow over the top similar to a waterfall. As far as functionality, any of the options we offer are wonderful additions, the aesthetic is completely up to you and your vision. To finish the look, once you’ve chosen a style, choose the finish. We offer a variety to meet every need. Browse brushed nickel, old bronze, satin chrome, and many more.

If you have any questions about the products or need help completing your order, please contact a customer service representative and they will be happy to help you. Here at Luxury Bath Collection, it is our pleasure to provide you elegant solutions to your bathroom and kitchen remodel.

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