EAGO AM161-L 5' Single Person Corner White Acrylic Whirlpool Bath Tub - Drain on Left

We are very excited to offer you this breath-taking AM161 EAGO whirlpool bath tub! This tub features a beautiful design which will add the finishing touches to any bathroom. We are confident that you will indulge in a state of complete relaxation and tranquility with all the features that this tub has to offer. Be prepared to purchase luxury at its finest!
  • The drain is located under the user's feet. This tub is also available in a variant that enables the user to face the opposite direction (Model # AM161-R)
  • Chromatherapy LED lighting system creates a serine atmosphere. With lights that slowly change colors anytime your tub is on.
  • 7 side jets. Please note that this tub fills itself through the jets so there is no need to purchase a tub filler.
  • EAGO patent 100% fully drainable system ensuring no water is left in the pipes
  • Waste with trap
  • Features back flow preventer on the shower heads and the jet system. Ensuring that the water cannot flow back into the supply lines.
  • Designed to accommodate one person only.
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