Fresca Serena One-Piece Dual Flush Toilet w/ Soft Close Seat



The Serena elongated, one-piece toilet features an elegant, sophisticated design, that is both comfortable look at and to sit on. This toilet features a dual flushing system with option of a 0.8gpf or 1.6gpf. It also features a fully glazed inner trapway and comes with a stain resistant polish making it easy to keep clean.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 27.9"L x 15.2"W x 27.9"H
  • Upc Approved / Epa Watersense Certified
  • Dual Flush (0.8Gpf / 1.6Gpf)
  • Soft Close Toilet Seat Included
  • Bowl Type: Elongated
  • Trap Distance: 12" (Drain w/ Trap Included)
  • Product Finish/Color: Ceramic
  • High Quality Stain Resistant Polish w/ Fully Glazed Trapway
  • Product Materials: Ceramic

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