67 inch Cast Iron Slipper Tub, Freestanding British Telephone Plumbing Pkg

With its impressive ball and claw feet, this is clearly the ideal choice for those looking for style, luxury and affordability. This bathtub comes with no faucet drillings. Chrome feet are included.

Product Description

Cast Iron Slipper Clawfoot Tub 67" X 30"with No Faucet Drillings and Complete Free Standing British Telephone Faucet and Hand Held Shower Package

Plumbing Package Includes:

Faucet Model: CAM463 British Telephone, Hand Held Shower
Supply Line: CAM398 Freestanding, Floor Escutcheons & Shut Off Valves
Drain & overflow: CAM1900LTB with Floor Escutcheon

67 ̴Ì_Cast Iron Clawfoot Slipper Tub:

  • Classic Single Slipper
  • 46 gallon capacity
  • 14 inches to overflow
  • 28" H x 30" W x 67" L
  • Pristine White
  • Easy to Clean
  • Heavy Cast Iron Construction
  • High Quality Porcelain Interior
  • Romantic Slipper Tub
  • Full Manufacturers Warranty
  • NO̴Ì_Faucet Holes
  • 320 lbs. empty
  • Ball & Claw Feet

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