ALFI 15" Solid Cedar Wood Foot Soaking Barrel Bucket with Matching Spoon

Take a moment out of your busy life to indulge in a traditional foot soak with this unique solid wood durable construction foot soaking tub. Simply fill it up with hot water, soak your feet and legs in this cedar barrel bucket and melt the day away in pure relaxation.

Maintenance Tips:
Keeping it Clean: The foot tub does not require any special cleaning products. Bath salts/soaps may be used, but make sure to rinse the tub out thoroughly. You should never apply harsh chemicals to the wood. Simply use a clean towel with hot water and mild soap for regular cleaning. Keep the tub clean after every use, to ensure a long lasting finish.

Making it Last: This tub is designed to be used on a regular basis. If tub is not being used on a weekly basis it is recommended to wash it down every couple weeks to insure it maintains proper moisture levels, especially if used in a very dry climate. This will prevent cracking or splitting of the wood caused by drying out. If you plan to not use the tub for a month it is recommended to leave the tub filled with 1/3 of water. For longer periods of time increase the water level to 3/4. Alfi Trade Inc. is not liable for cracks/splitting of the wood.

For indoor use only.

Keep out of direct sunlight and safely away from any fireplaces.

Made of solid-cedar wood with a varnish sealer.

Re-enforced by three electroplated iron wraps for durability and applied with black and gold paint to create a rustic classic look

Includes a free wooden dipper spoon to scoop up warm water from the bucket onto your legs.

Matches with the Alfi brand wooden tub collection

Bucket is about 9" deep.

Warranty: 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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